Whether you are thinking about making an upgrade to a new hot water heater soon or you urgently need to replace a hot water heater that has completed died, you may actively be shopping for the best model for your needs. By doing so, you likely will come across the term point of use water heater, and you may wonder what this is and if it offers you any true benefits with regular use in your home.

What Is a Point of Use Water Heater?

This is a unique type of water heater that is often mistaken for a tankless heater. A tankless heater is one that generally serves the entire home, and it is located in a main entry point where water enters the home. A point of use system, on the other hand, often heats water for one specific location of the home. It may be located near a bathtub, a sink or another feature, and it is designed to heat only the water that is used by that particular feature. These are sometimes used in various areas of the home as the primary source of hot water, but they also can be used in conjunction with a larger heater that serves the entire home.

The Benefits of a Point of Use Water Heater

There are two main benefits associated with using this type of water heater. First, because it only heats water for a specific plumbing feature, the water is typically as hot as desired by the user. There is no concern about hot water being diverted to other areas or about a tank not having sufficient water to meet the needs of the user. In addition, heat can be lost as hot water travels through the pipes, so there is energy efficiency associated with heating water in a more direct location.

A point of use water heater can use gas or electric energy, and it can improve your access to hot water in a specific area of the home. This is not the right type of hot water heater for all homes, but it does serve an important and beneficial purpose for some homeowners. The heating capacity of these models can vary. Therefore, if you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of this type of hot water heater, you may consider obtaining personalized guidance from a plumber. The plumber can also professionally install the feature in your home.